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On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the LBMAO we wish to extend our sincere best wishes to you and your employees to weather these difficult circumstances with a minimum of disruption both on a business and personal level.

Our office will remain open and we will still be publishing our magazine and electronic communications. All events planned are on hold at the present time until we have a better grasp on the long-term implications of the COVID–19 pandemic.

I also want to emphasize that currently our retail sector remains open to support consumers. The Ontario and municipal governments are implementing selected legislated closures of those business such as restaurants and theatres where large gatherings of people occur. Retail malls are open but many retailers within those malls have closed to reduce exposure to their employees. As well, hours of operation have been reduced voluntarily for many retail businesses.

Our home improvement/hardware sector can provide vital supplies to consumers who have experienced household challenges such as plumbing and electrical difficulties and repairs due to natural events (windstorms etc.). As well, many homeowners who have opted to stay at home may want to do some of those household repairs and upgrades they have been putting off.

A few suggestions to help mitigate exposure to COVID–19 that many retailers are starting to implement:

  1. Reduce the hours of operation of your business.
  2. Display large signage indicating: Social Distancing is Recommended. Please leave 6 ft. between you and other customers/staff.
  4. If possible, restrict the number of customers entering your business at any one time. Remember, any more than 50 people in one area is not recommended.
  5. Limit the number of consumable products (toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant products) per customer to avoid hoarding.
  6. In an office environment keep social distancing recommendations and allow those who are capable to work at home.

Common sense decisions on how we manage our lives and businesses will go a long way towards weathering this turbulent time with minimal disruption to our business and personal lives.

We wish all our members every success for the future!

David Campbell, President
The Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario