Our Story

LBMAO 7th Convention, 1924

7th Annual Convention of the Ontario Retail Lumber Dealers (ORLDA), King Edward Hotel, Toronto, January 17, 1924

On a cold and blustery Friday, December 21, 1917, a group of thirty lumber dealers from locally formed retail lumber dealers’ associations in Ontario met in the assembly room of the Toronto Board of Trade for the purpose of forming an association to represent all lumber dealers in Ontario.

Those assembled had one common objective…the establishment of a channel through which lumber retailers with common interests might work together towards achieving common desirable goals. These men recognized the value of cooperation and the fact that many areas exist wherein an individual can do very little, whereas, as an industry group, much can be accomplished.

Accordingly, an election of officers took place with Thomas Patterson of Hamilton being elected first President. As well, a constitution was adopted and an organization name was chosen; The Ontario Retail Lumber Dealers’ Association. This in essence was the First Annual Meeting or Congress which has ever since been an annual event.

The association changed its name in 1973 to better reflect and include building materials. It has since grown in numbers to nearly seven hundred members and greatly enhanced its range of members’ s services. One thing that has remained constant since the beginning is the aforementioned objective of working together for the common good of the lumber, building materials and hardware industry. Through meeting this objective, association members have collectively weathered economic droughts brought about by wars, depressions and more contemporary inflationary pressures, and conversely, have maximized their profit potential in boom times.

As was the case with the first Board of Directors, the current LBMAO Board is cognizant of the fact that in order for the LBMAO to continue to grow and prosper, it must never operate within a vacuum. Accordingly, it will continue to look to lumber, building materials and hardware retailers in Ontario for guidance in improving the quality and broadening the range of programs and services that are aimed at assisting them to move more intelligently and industriously into the future.

The mandate of the LBMAO is to promote the general welfare of its members who are engaged in the retail lumber, building materials and hardware trade.

In the course of carrying out this mandate, the association provides various forums for identifying and discussing problems, ideas and concepts of interest with a view towards arriving at mutually beneficial conclusions.

Values Statement
LBMAO plays a significant role in the health of the industry it represents and is committed to expanding that role.  To achieve this enhanced position, LBMAO is further committed to providing programs, services and other benefits that will assist its members to grow professionally and profitably.  LBMAO will strive continually to be regarded as one of Ontario’s pre-eminent associations.

Vision Statement
LBMAO members are dedicated to mutual assistance; to a consensual approach to decision making; and to high standards of professionalism and ethics, both business and personal. LBMAO has an important role to play as a partner of its members for the betterment of the industry.