Student Achievement Awards

We regret to inform that we are suspending the Student Achievement Award Program for 2013.

The LBMAO Scholarship Award Program was established in 1990 to assist outstanding students in the furthering of their education. In 2005, there was a change to the program. It is now called the Student Achievement Award Program and offers awards for Scholastic Achievement as well as bursaries for Industry-Related and Self-Development courses.

Traditionally, the program awarded funds to those students with high academic achievement, regardless of the courses they had been accepted to. The new program still recognizes students with high scholastic achievement, but now also provides a bursary to those individuals who are planning to take industry-related post-secondary courses. In addition, students who wish to improve their standing in life by taking a non-traditional college or university self-development course are also eligible.

These awards are offered to dependents of full or part-time employees, managers or owners of LBMAO member firms who have completed one full year of employment with that firm. The dependents must be under the age of 25 as of June 30th in the year of application. Please note: These awards are for first-year applicants only.