Building Permits, October 2013, published December 5

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Municipalities issued $7.2 billion worth of building permits in October, up 7.4% from September  and 6.2% lower than in October 2012.      

Two provinces reported an increase in permits over a year ago.  Double-digit gains were recorded in Alberta (+23.6%) and Saskatchewan (+14.0%).  Double-digit annualized decreases over October 2012 occurred in seven provinces.  Nova Scotia suffered the largest loss (-43.5%) followed by Manitoba (-30.2%) and Prince Edward Island (-27.1%).  Ontario registered an annualized loss of 13.6% while Quebec recorded an 18.3% decrease.

Builders took out residential building permits worth $4.4 billion in October, up 6.4% from September and 9.2% higher than in October 2012.  Six provinces reported an annualized growth rate for residential permits: Alberta  (+37.2), British Columbia (+14.5%)  and Manitoba (+11.2%) led the way.  Double-digit annualized decreases occurred in two provinces: Prince Edward Island (-42.3%) and Nova Scotia (-40.3%).  Quebec’s annualized gain for residential permits was 2.9% while Ontario’s was 3.1%.

Municipalities issued permits worth $2.0 billion for multi-family dwellings in October, up 8.4% from September and 18.3%  higher than in October 2012.  October’s gain came from higher construction intentions in four provinces, with Quebec and Ontario contributing most to the gain.  Permits for single-family units increased 4.7% from September  to $2.4 billion and were up 2.4% over October 2012.  The monthly gain came from higher construction intentions posted in five provinces, notably Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Municipalities approved 18,823 new dwellings in October, up 6.9% from September and 3.9% higher than in October 2012.  There was a 2.1% monthly decrease and a 5.6% annualized loss in the number of single-family units, which totaled 6,358.  There  was a 12.2% monthly gain and a 9.5% annualized increase in the number of multi-family units approved, which totaled 12,465.

The value of non-residential permits in October grew 9.0% from September to $2.8 billion but decreased 23.3% from October 2012.  From September to October, industrial permits grew 0.5% to $495 million but were down 58.3% from October 2012; institutional permits dropped 15.2% from September to $516 million and were down 49.1% from a year earlier; and commercial sector permits gained 22.0% from September to $1.8 billion, up 23.8% from October 2012.