Forklift Operator Training (In Person)


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The LBMAO has kicked off a program that we have not offered since our late Field Services Manager, Jim Kenny, retired. Yes, in-person Forklift Operator Training has returned!

About the Program

Our trainer is fully accredited to teach forklift operation, propane handling and he is also certified to teach boom truck operators. We can conduct these classes in a board room/lunch room at your location. The class consists of two modules: Classroom and Practical/Driven. In the classroom module (3-3.5 hours) the students learn about forklift safety, design, maintenance and inspections, the use of a lift truck, and we look at case studies and accident investigations.

Following the classroom portion, we have a practical/driven module where students do a pre-shift inspection as a group. LPG Fuel – remove and replace bottle demonstration is performed, if required. We shift from a group session to individual training after the pre-shift inspection. This allows the other students to return to work. Each driver spends from 15-45 minutes in the driving review, depending on the operator’s experience. Upon successful completion of the class your operator receives a training certification card, valid for 3 years.

The great thing about this training is that it can be done in your facility for a minimal cost with a small investment of operator time. We can hold training classes for as few as three students and up to 8. This is a great way to reduce accidents and damage to materials or people. The Ministry of Labour has been conducting inspections and the fines for non-certified drivers are quite high.

Before we book, the LBMAO office will confirm the travel cost, if any, for you. If you are interested, we can check to see if there are other dealers who might be interested in the training as well and could share some of the travel costs.

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