Labour Force Survey, July 2013, published August 9

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Employment in July was down 0.2% from June. The unemployment rate was up from June at 7.2%.  Construction employment fell by 0.5%from June while manufacturing employment increased 0.8% from a month earlier.

In July employment stood at 17.7 million, up 1.3% from July 2012.  Full-time employment fell by 18,300 from June, while part-time employment decreased by 21,200 from the previous month.  Full-time employment was up by 153,900 from July 2012, while part-time increased by 72,000 over the same period.

Employment over the past year grew in eight provinces, led by Saskatchewan (+3.9%), Alberta (+3.0%) and Newfoundland and Labrador (+1.7%).  The employment growth rate in both Quebec and Ontario was 1.2%.   Employment from a year earlier was down 0.7% in New Brunswick and dropped 0.4% in Nova Scotia.

Total employment gains of 83,800 have occurred in Ontario since July 2012.  Its unemployment rate was 7.6% in July, up from 7.5% in June.  Quebec’s total employment increase since July 2012 was 45,600.  Its unemployment rate in July was 8.2%, up from 7.9% in June.

Since July 2012, employment in the goods-producing sector has increased by 0.7% and in the services-producing sector it has grown by 1.5%.

The construction industry lost 6,100 jobs in July over June, bringing total construction employment to 1,338,600, which is an increase of 71,500 construction jobs (+5.6%) from July 2012.

Total manufacturing employment was up 13,500 from June to 1,739,900 jobs.  That was a loss of 59,900 positions (-3.3%) since the same month last year.

The number of people working in retail and wholesale trade was up (+0.5%) in July from June and totaled 2,715,200.  That was a gain of 3.8% from July 2012.

Employment among adult women, aged 25 and over, was up 112,400 in July 2013 over July 2012 but decreased by 13,600 from June.  Employment among adult men was up 99,700 in July 2013 over July 2012 and grew by 19,900 from June.  Employment among youths (15-24 years of age) grew by 13,900 since last July, but was down by 45,600 from June.

In July, private sector employment was up 31,400 from June, and increased 1.5% from July 2012.  Self-employment was up 0.1% in July over June, and increased by 2.4% from July 2012.  Public sector employment was down 2.0% from June and decreased by 0.2% from July 2012.  Total private sector employment in July was 11,393,200; self-employment was 2,725,500; and public sector employment was 3,591,000.