Ministry of Labour Expanding Training Standard for Fall Restraint

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

The Ministry of Labour, Ontario (MOL) is in the process of expanding the training standard for fall restraint training to include a 3.5 hour classroom component to be taught by a qualified trainer in fall arrest and safety.  The training standard is attempting to address concerns about safety training in the construction industry, however if the standard training syllabus is expanded to include the classroom component, all businesses will have to train and qualify their employees to the new standard.

We have communicated our concern s to the group developing the standard and have suggested that the new “Working at Heights Training Program Standard” would be suitable for the construction industry but far exceeds the requirements of the retail sector.

The current LBMAO online FALL PROTECTION training course meets the needs of most of our members in  a cost effective and efficient manner.  We would suggest all our members contact their local MPP to express their concerns about the new proposal as being another burden on their business in cost and time, and exceeds what they would require to train their employees on safely working at heights.  You are welcome to send a copy of this letter to your MPP.

Dave Campbell, President