Plumbing & Electrical Training

Who should attend?
It is recommended that all sales/customer service staff who interact with customers take this class. The knowledge learned will not mean that the students will become plumbers or electricians, but it will increase their confidence and allow them to sell more comfortably.

Our Plumbing and Electrical training course is a hands-on class designed to teach the basics of residential plumbing and electrical projects. This class will start by teaching the importance of permits, product sizing and the use of the proper tools. Attendees will learn the basics starting from wiring an extension cord all the way to the panel box.

During the plumbing day they learn how to cut, sand and solder joints in copper as well as connecting with Pex pipe. Toilet repair and installation, as well as installation of shower valves is also amongst the topics covered. All of this is done using hands-on instruction so students can see how things need to go together successfully.

What You Will Learn

Electrical: Permits, wire sizing, how to wire an extension cord, aluminum wire, penatrox paste, marretts, how to strip the proper amount of wire, proper use of tools and supplies, panel box

Plumbing: learn about the proper tools, how to install a toilet, repair a toilet, Teflon tape usage, tub/shower temperature pressure valves, how to silicone a tub or shower base, proper removal of cartridges from taps, install a strainer into a kitchen sink, Pex pipe cutting, ring installation, ring removal tool usage, copper pipe cutting, sanding & soldering