The LBMAO Announces Dynamic New App

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The LBMAO is pleased to announce the rollout of a new app to replace their annual printed directory.  For years the LBMAO directory has been a trusted tool for members, sales representatives, and other key industry players for searching out retailers throughout the province, as well as sourcing products for retailers.

Early in the year the board of directors commissioned a search for a developer to produce an app to replace the current printed directory. We determined that the app directory would need to be customized to meet the needs of our members; and the amount of data that we have in the directory that would have to be transferred to the app such as products, contacts, locations etc. is not feasible for a standard app platform that uses a cookie cutter base format. Therefore, a customized app has been developed for us by Apps Canada, a developer based in British Columbia.

The advantages of moving the printed directory to an app are:

  1. The app is downloaded onto your mobile device – either android or iPhone – so you don’t have to rely on finding that hard copy directory somewhere in your car or office.
  2. The hard copy directory is out of date as soon as it is printed. The app directory is updated on an ongoing basis, so is more up to date.
  3. It is a private app and only accessed by an individualized code that is issued to each member upon renewal of their membership. Additional codes can be purchased for sales representatives or other staff members.
  4. Search engines are incorporated in the app to look up companies, contacts and products while Google Maps will pinpoint company locations for navigation.
  5. Each member business listed in the app directory will have a link to their website so they can promote their products and services.
  6. Exciting new digital advertising opportunities will be available to member suppliers.
  7. Retailers can search for products and services while suppliers will be able to use the app directory to search by name, company or location for customer information.

The one consideration of the app is that it is designed for mobile devices, so it cannot be downloaded onto your desktop computer.  It can only be accessed by downloading it from the Android Store or the App Store onto your phone or tablet.

Once our members have had an opportunity to use the app directory, we are confident they will find it to be much more efficient and useful than the printed version.  We see the app becoming an invaluable tool for sales personnel to navigate to retailers and for retailers to be able to source their products.

MEMBERS: Please watch your e-mail for instructions on how to receive your complimentary copy of this new app!  Details to be released shortly.

For more information please contact:

Dave Campbell, President
(905) 625-1084