TIMBER MART Updates Retail Logo

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February 6, 2013 (Calgary, AB) –TIMBER MART has updated their retail logo in order to increase legibility, heighten their focus on independence, and make it easier to locate them online and in search engines.

TIMBER MART’s objective to is become a stronger retail brand.  Research revealed that TIM-BR MART customers were searching the word “timber” online, and as a result, found it challenging to find their local store. The new logo uses the correct spelling of “timber” and makes the Dealer’s independent name a prominent element of the new logo.

“We created a logo that would help Dealers demonstrate their independence, while still providing a consistent look that tied them to the TIMBER MART brand to illustrate their buying power,” said Jon Irwin, VP of Retail Services.  “Shopping habits are shifting to favour local ownership and the experience that comes with it – we want to celebrate our Dealers’ independence.”

The updated logo does not have overlapping colours, is easy to reproduce and is legible from a distance. It has both vertical and horizontal versions so it can conform to space limitations and be reproduced consistently on storefronts, vehicles, signage, rink boards, advertising materials and online.

The new TIMBER MART retail logo made its inaugural appearance on rink boards during the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.  It will be introduced on television ads, flyers and the consumer website by the end of March.

The new logo will coexist with the former logo for a transition period of approximately one year.  The colours have remained the same and the house icons have only been altered slightly.  The number of house icons in the logo has been reduced from four to three to signify TIMBER MART’s three core values – independence, national buying power, and providing an extraordinary customer experience.

“Over the past year, our corporation has changed dramatically.  We now have multiple business units and we felt the need to separate our retail and corporate logos,” Irwin said.  “There is now a TIM-BR MART Group logo that encompasses our corporate divisions and this new TIMBER MART retail logo will give Dealers control of their brand.”

In operation since 1967, TIM-BR MART Group is a $2 billion+ member-owned organization serving over 750 building material and hardware retailers, commercial dealers and manufacturers across Canada. The organization exists to help Canadian entrepreneurs involved in the sale of building materials and hardware be more profitable.

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