3-5 Day Boom Truck Training

Boom Truck Operators – New Standards

The Ministry of Training College and Universities have updated the standards and minimal requirements needed for operators of boom trucks (Mobile Crane Operator (0-8 Ton).  For those member businesses that operate boom trucks you need to make yourself aware of the requirements and ensure that your operators are competent and that you are doing your due diligence to ensure that employees are trained to operate the mobile lifting devices in a safe manner.

The key elements of the program are:

  1. Business owners/employers must obtain “Signing Authority” authorization from the MTCU.
  2. The “Signing Authority” must then select and register employees for training.
  3. The “Signing Authority” must then select the trainer who will conduct the training (MTCU requires a MINIMUM of 40 hours of training. Trainers can adjust the hours of training depending on the level of experience of the student). Please note that a list of trainers is available on the LBMAO website.
  4. Employee must then attend the trainers program of training.
  5. Employees, upon successful completion of the training, will be issued a Certificate of Training by the trainer.
  6. Recent changes by the MTCU indicate that a Certificate of Achievement is not mandatory but is recommended, to ensure operators meet the highest standard of training.  Upon successfully completing the test for the Certificate of Achievement, the “Signing Authority” completes sign-offs and submits them to the local MTCU office. Students must achieve a 70% grade for passing. The test can be taken over again if the student failed, at a further cost.
  7. The MTCU will issue accreditation to the employee with a “Certificate of Achievement – Mobile Crane Operator (0 – 8 Ton), Construction”.

The primary change to the previous requirements for Mobile Crane Operator certification is the requirement to take a voluntary written test at a local college of applied arts and technology and the minimum requirement of 40 hours of training.  The trainers will determine the length of the course based upon the experience of the student and courses would probably range from 3 to 5 days in length and most trainers can provide the ministry sign off forms etc.

The LBMAO have updated our website to reflect the new qualifications.  These new standards became effective March 31, 2009 and for those operators who already have a “Certificate of Achievement” issued prior to March 31, 2009 will not have to retrain.

Once a student has successfully passed the training and testing and received the “Certificate of Training”, he or she will not have to do the full training course again.  However, if new equipment or methods have been developed for the safe operation of the boom, the employee must complete a refresher course on the new additions.  It would be strongly recommended  that employers should do a refresher course for their mobile crane operators on an annual basis as part of their best practices for due diligence.

Do you have uncertified Boom Truck Operators?

Below is a listing of MTCU Approved Mobile Crane (08) Trainers.  Please contact the company closest to your location.  Courses can range from 1 to 5 days depending on the level of experience of the student(s).

Art Moore
Location: Cobourg
Contact: Art Moore
Tel: (905) 372-4960

Atlas Polar Company Ltd. – HIAB Crane users only
Location: Toronto
Tel: (416) 751-7740
Website: www.atlaspolar.com

Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology
Location: Whitby
Contact: Susy Taylor
Tel: (905) 721-3329

Foran’s Training Inc.
Location: Hamilton
Contact: Bob Foran
Tel: (905) 529-2917

H.I.T.E. Services
Location: Sudbury
Contact: Ritchie Castonguay
Tel: (705) 524-5333
Website: www.hiteservices.com

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association
Location:  Mississauga
Tel: (905) 625-0100
Website:  www.ihsa.ca

L.D.L. Crane Training Inc.
Location: Morrisburg
Contact: Lawrence Larocque
Tel: (613) 543-0722
Website: www.ldlcranetraining.ca

Smooth Operators Training Systems NXI International
Location: Orangeville
Contact: Raymond Parr
Tel: (519) 942-9121

WAJAX Industries Ltd
Location: Mississauga
Contact: Jim McLean
Tel: (905) 624-5611

Windsor Equipment Training Facility Ltd
Location: Windsor
Contact: John Colomba
Tel: (519) 258-0088

Employers must have a MTCU Signing Authority Certification Number.

Trainers will provide a Certificate of Training.

Students, after receiving their Certificate of Training, should apply for a Certificate of Achievement from the MTCU.

Contact Trainer to confirm course details and cost.

Most Trainers will provide on-site training with minimum student participation.

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.