Mobile Crane 0-8 Ton Boom Truck Operators


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This class is taught by a certified instructor and is designed for operators who are familiar with the boom truck but have not been certified or whose certification is out of date. The attendees must have some operating knowledge of how the equipment operates for this class. If you have a student who is completely unfamiliar with the equipment, you must discuss this with the LBMAO office before registration.
About the Course

Safety Standards and Legislation: 
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour – OSHA Regulation 213/91… Cranes, Hoisting and Rigging
  • Ontario Ministry of Labour – OSHA Regulation # 851, # 297-13, # 877/21 GENERAL
  • USA – OSHA CFR 1926.1418-23 ,
PLUS – Reference to :                                                   
  • Hoisting and Rigging Manual           
  • Safe Work Around Heavy Equipment
  • Best Practice in the Workplace, including P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Common Hand Signals for Safe Crane Operation (written and practical testing)   
Class Curriculum:
Basic Principles: Straight Boom Mobile Cranes / Boom Trucks
Define : Boom Trucks , Applications , Including : Chassis Configurations , Components , Controller Types, Components and Assembly of Hoist Block / Wedge and Socket, Anti-Two Block System, Outriggers / Footpads, Centre of Gravity , Determining Load Weight, Capacity Data Plates, Load Charts, Crane Radius, Calculation of Load, Range Diagrams, Crane Capacity Charts, Manufacturers Specifications for the Crane, Crane Operating Quadrants, Boom Deflection
Safe Operating Techniques
Planning the Move/Lift, Pre-Shift Workplace Inspection, Minimum Safe Approach Distance, Parking the Mobile Lift/Crane
Rigging and Signaling Module (Slingers/Swampers)
Rules, General Information, Crane Operation and People, Engaging the Load, Placement and Depositing Loads, Rigging Principles, Common Hand Signals (written and practical testing)          
Pre-Shift Inspections – Boom Trucks and Rigging Equipment                                                                      The Basics: Sample Inspection Forms, “Best Practice” Approach
Fuel/Energy Sources: (as applicable)             
  • Gasoline and Diesel: Properties, Handling, Fuel Storage, P.P.E.
  • Propane Handling (LPG), Properties (as applicable), Storage, P.P.E.
Operator Instruction during a pre-shift/walk-around inspection for each student, followed by a driven review. The driven review will involve general operating principles and techniques, as well as focusing on the specifics of the application.  
Requirements for the class
Classroom / Written requirements
We require a board room / lunch room room at your location large enough to accommodate the class, or we can discuss an alternative classroom location. 
Practical / Driven requirements
We conduct the pre-shift inspection with your students as a group. We commence individual training upon completion of the classroom and pre-shift inspection modules.  We would appreciate a dedicated open area with a load for conducting this portion of the course. 
A boom truck is needed for all the practical training requirements.
Class Length
This is a one-day class. The class will begin between 7:45 – 8 pm and will finish between 5-5:30 pm. 
Operator Certification
Upon successful completion of the class the operator will be provided a wallet certificate as well as a wall mount record of training for the store. 
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